Sheep sour

Sheep sour, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel.  Call it what you want, but this is a favorite wild food for my kids and one of the first ones they can accurately identify by themselves.  Kind of a clover looking thing with little tiny yellow trumpet-like flowers, it is rich in vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine and has a tartness to it, like a mild version of rhubarb.
It is said that, among its many uses, that is is effective against hot flashes.  Woo!
We just like to eat it.  My kids call it Mother nature's Jolly Rancher.  This is how I like to prepare it:
1 cup sheep sour leaves, blossoms and seed pods (the stems don't chop up well in the food processor) chopped.
1 can of chicken.
Mayo to taste.
2 or 3 old fashioned orange day lily blossoms. 
Stuff the chicken/sheep sour/mayo mix into the day lily blossoms after pulling the stamen and flower innards out.  Lay them out all dramatic-like on a plate, observe their awesomeness for at least a minute before you pick one up, fold the petals over the salad blob like a cocoon and nom, nom, nom.