Recycle that lettuce

Ever wonder how to have perfect fresh lettuce all year round?  Here is what I have been trying out and so far, it is really looking promising.

In an effort to keep my lettuce a little longer, instead of in a bag, I buy it living in this plastic box.  I do this for 2 reasons:  1.  Iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value at all.  In order to get any benefit  you really need to buy assorted greens.  2.  assorted greens have a flavor of their own and are far more present to eat IMO.  Unfortunately, when your only choices in the dead of winter are store bought, the more nutritious and flavorful greens are expensive.  So, here is the deal.  I bought some greens from Aldi that are alive in this container:

Aren't they nice?  You can get a lot of different varieties, but I chose this one this time.  When I ate all the lettuces, I had the little nubs or "crowns" of the bundles left over.  This is the bit that is cut off just above the root that all the leaves grow out of.  So, I took my crowns and set them in a little dish of water to see what would happen.  After about a week, I have new growth!  

The old growth will obviously die down, but you can see the new babies growing out of the middle.  I expect that in a couple of weeks I will have roots and they can be transplanted.  Keep them in a sunny window or in a florescent light and ta da!!!  Free greens all winter long.  Far.  Out.  Am I right?  Eh?